Trees create a healthy environment and a beautiful landscape. But, like any living thing, they can also get sick and die. They need lifetime maintenance to be their healthy best. When you need expert trimming, pruning and removal, call Champion Tree Service.

About Champion

Tree Cutting Services: Trimming and Pruning
To stay strong and vibrant, the weaker parts of a tree need to be trimmed so that the healthiest parts thrive. In the wild, wind blows trees into one another, creating a friction that regularly trims off dead branches. Not in your yard. Call us to keep your trees maintained and your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Removal of Healthy Trees
Call us when you have to make the difficult decision to remove a healthy specimen. They may grow too large for a designated area. They may quickly become weak if their roots have been cut, such as during construction or ground excavation. It may have been planted too close to your home and is now causing plumbing and foundation problems. We can remove it and grind the stump.

Maintaining Healthy Trees
Your trees need regular checkups to ensure their health. Let us stop by for an inspection at any time of the year, and especially after storms. As a locally owned and operated tree company, we are your neighbors and are here when you need help.

Call Us First
Because you care about your trees, you care about who works on them. We have been in business since 1993, helping homes and businesses maximize the health of their trees and the beauty of their landscape. More than half of our clients are repeat customers who pass on our name to others. We are professional, fully licensed, and insured to protect you and our workers. Call now for a free inspection and estimate.

Our Services include...

Trimming - We can clip those unsightly branches that have grown too long; create a better overall shape; and achieve a more balanced look.

Pruning - This is more strategic than trimming, and is done to promote plant health and property safety. It ensures that the strongest branches remain that way. We can expertly prune flowering trees to promote more abundant blooms, and cut back fruit trees to increase annual yield.

Crowning - We cut the leafy canopy for both shaping and safety. If you have low branches that pose a risk to people, rooftops or road visibility, we can safely trim the lowest levels to "raise" the canopy. Too many interior branches increase the risk of a blow-over. We can thin out the crown without harming the overall growth. When upper limbs grow too close to power lines, they need to be cut back. We can carefully cut a clearance and check it regularly.

Emergency Tree Removal - If a tornado or other weather catastrophe strikes, trees can tip over and fall through your roof, onto a car, or across your street. We are here to help!

  • Call us 24/7 to carefully remove obstructions and storm debris.
  • Count on us for emergency tree removal that will put your property back into shape.
  • We can work with your insurance company to process your claim.

Stump Removal - If you have a stump that is causing a hazard in your yard, we have the equipment and knowledge to cut it flush to the ground and grind it up. You eliminate a hazard and beautify your yard by removing unsightly stumps.

Dead and Dying Tree Removal - We specialize in removing dead trees as well as weakened ones that could create problems down the road. Removing a tree that is dead or dying eliminates many hazards:

  • A weak trunk with a full crown can tip over in strong winds.
  • Unsupported limbs can fall and hit someone without warning.
  • Tornadoes and floodwaters can uproot a dying tree and put your safety at risk.